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Woman, male friend arrested over murder of ex-husband in fire 3 years ago


A 51-year-old woman and her 65-year-old male acquaintance have been arrested on suspicion of killing the woman’s ex-husband in a house fire in Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture, in 2016.

According to police, Yuko Sugai, who now lives in Nagoya, and Tsutomu Asano, a beauty salon manager living in Chita, Aichi Prefecture, are accused of killing Sugai’s former husband Koji Tsunoda (then 60), by stabbing him and setting fire to his house in February 2016, Fuji TV reported. The entire house was destroyed by the fire.

However, an autopsy on Tsunoda’s remains found four knife wounds in the victim’s chest.

Police said both suspects have denied any involvement in killing Tsunoda who lived alone after he and Sugai were divorced in July 2015.

Police said Tsunoda had a life insurance policy worth 30 million yen and that Sugai was the beneficiary.

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I wonder how the police linked these two to the murder. What evidence do they have?

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As a defense, the first thing i'd be asking is when the policy was taken out; Was there a reciprocal policy at the time; At what age were they then; Was it possibly against the loss of one of their lives while they had or planning for children; When did Yuko Sugai and Tsutomu Asano first meet; Maybe after the breakup or before, or was their meeting the cause of the divorce.

Sorry, not enough information japantoday!

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