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Woman stabbed by husband's acquaintance at home in Osaka


A 45-year-old woman was stabbed by another woman at the entrance to her home in Minoo, Osaka Prefecture, on Thursday morning.

Police said they received a call from the victim's son at around 10 a.m. reporting that a woman had attacked his mother with a knife when she answered the front door. The assailant then drove away in a car.

The victim, identified as Hidemi Tanaka, sustained two stab wounds but her injuries are not life-threatening, police said.

NTV reported that police arrested a suspect at a hotel in Kyoto on Thursday afternoon. The suspect, identified as Naomi Shoji, 26, was quoted by police as saying she was an acquaintance of the woman's husband.

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26-year old "acquaintance"...cough, cough. I hope the cops are hauling the husband in for some serious questioning, too.

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Yup, sounds like more than an acquaintance to me. At least a want to be. Otherwise, what motive, apart from a sudden madness?

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Looks like Sanchita is a bit scorned.

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@commanteer Not so fast. Haven't you heard of stalkers and delusional women who believe the object of their obsession is in love with them too and whoever comes between them should be eliminated? Yeah, police should question the husband too, but just sayin'.

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I agree. The husband might be completely innocent, and she might well be just delusional. That's the best possible explanation from the husband's point of view, but certainly not the only possible explanation. That's why the husband should be called in for questioning sooner rather than later. It shouldn't be too hard to establish whether they were having an affair. It would be harder to establish whether he encouraged her actions. If I had to guess, I would suspect an affair, but that she acted on her own impulse.

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That's why the husband should be called in for questioning sooner rather than later.

Whether they were having an affair or not wouldn't impact upon the guilt of the woman one way or another, unless the husband had played a part in getting her to stab the wife.

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I agree with Strangerland, an affair is not reason in itself to try to murder someone

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An caviar is plenty of a reason for a whacky, young Japanese woman to try and kill the wife of a lover, who most like keeps telling his young lover, “Yeah baby don't worry we will get a divorce and blah, blah, blah.." But she finally goes mad and tries to kill lover's wife. This is a very common crime here and so guys be careful!!!

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