Woman, two daughters arrested for abandoning body


Police in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, said Sunday they have arrested a 60-year-old woman and her two daughters on suspicion of abandoning a man's body.

According to police, Mariko Yamauchi and her two daughters, Kei, 34, and Yuka, 29, left the body, believed to be that of Yamauchi’s husband, in their apartment for more than a month.

The decaying body of the man who appeared to be in his 60s was found on Saturday after the apartment manager contacted police about a bad smell coming from the apartment, Fuji TV reported.

When police went to the apartment, Yamauchi told them that her husband had left about a month ago and had not come back. However, when police searched the apartment, they found the man's remains on a futon in a bedroom. Police said the  body bore no external signs of injury and added that an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

The three women have pleaded not guilty to the charge and repeatedly said they don't know anything or wish to discuss the matter, according to police.

Police said they had been consulted by members of the family last year after a dispute between Yamauchi and her husband about him hiding his retirement pay, escalated into abuse.

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Old lady killed him over money, pretty sad.

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if it was money sad. but do you know how much a japanese funeral costs?

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"the apartment manager contacted police about a bad smell coming from the apartment" iam not Surprised I've been past a local farm near me where a sheep had died by the road side, and after a few weeks it was gut wrenching smell, I can only think that a human decomposing will smell just as bad, if thats the case, I am surprised that no one reported it earlier.

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JT is full of posts on dead bodies?

do you know how much a japanese funeral costs?

You can do it for less than ¥100,000 or pay unto several millions.

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There was a rotting corpse in your apartment and you didn't know anything about it, riiiiiight

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A cremation as opposed to a funeral, cost less than ¥10,000. You get a cardboard box and get the bones to do whatever with. Between the 3 of them I bet it was affordable.

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Killing someone over money! I can never understand how some people can be so greedy and can seem to place a value on someones life , I guess money is the root of most evil!

My son-in-law's father retired a couple years back and received a large taishokukin, his wife was all excited, planning on doing all kinds of fun stuff, she had also worked, and used all her money for her own entertainment over the years. When he got his taishokukin , he told her, " You have spent all your money over the years and spent a large amount of mine, so this is mine, for my future!" She was bent out of shape for a few weeks, but came to realize that he was right. So I guess if you really love someone, money really does not matter that much.

My wife's funeral and cremation together cost 120,000 yen, I did most everything myself, I needed the funeral home only for the dry ice, coffin, and transportation. I did not want anyone who did not know her to touch her, so I washed her and dressed her myself and had my brother-in-law take care of the ceremony, I did not need a priest, so he did it himself. I was lucky, the funeral home did not try and push me for anything, I guess they could see that we had it all planned out the way my wife wanted it, so it went smoother than I expected. The only strange thing was, a month later they sent me a coupon for 20,000 yen off my next funeral, that was a little creepy!

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One has to wait until cause of death is established.

Many of these cases, and there are many, are cause because the families cannot afford the full costs of a funeral. Not just the cremation but all the other social ones. They go into a sort of cultural paralysis and denial not dealing with it.

It's an area in which society could make the demands on remaining family easier.

But, yes, there have been other cases where it was just done to continue collecting welfare payments.

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Middleoftheroad Money is the root of all evil!

Sorry about your wife.

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Cremation is not that expensive, what costs are religious ceremony,burial plot and the wakarekai( did the one for wife on the cheap)..

The wakarekai can be held even weeks after the cremation and/or burial. Holding it at the crematorium, funeral home or temple is expensive.

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Money is the root of all evil!

Better check's "The love of money is the root of all evil."

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Forgot to add City will help cover the cost of cremation if needed, by law cremation has to happen shortly after death (no embalming here).

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