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Woman's body discovered inside empty house in Shizuoka


The body of a woman was discovered wrapped up in a plastic tarp inside the storage room of a vacant house in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, police said Thursday. The family who had lived in the house had moved last month, police added.

According to investigators, the body -- identified as Ayako Hisamatsu, 26, a resident of Izunokuni City -- was found Wednesday morning by workers who had started renovating the empty house. According to police, the body has begun to decay, making it difficult to determine if it bore signs of external injuries or not.

Hisamatsu was reported missing by her mother on Feb 23. Authorities say a 42-year-old woman and her two children had lived in the house but moved April 25. The property was auctioned off and had been purchased by a real estate agent.

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Let me guess: The local constabulary "suspects foul play"?

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26 year old girls body found wrapped in a tarp, inside an abandoned house, yeah, I'm guessing theres some suspicion of murder.

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Hmm, very foul play here I suspect! What is the connection between Ayako Hisamatsu this woman and her children? Murder for sure but who and why? I suspect a live in lover perhaps. Pure speculation on my part!

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From what they said on the news this morning, the previous resident of the home was once married to Ms. Hisamatsu.

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The Butler did it!

Wait a minute JP says: The property was auctioned off and had been purchased by a real estate agent.

So this real estate agent never did a walked thru of the house before bidding on it????? IF he had done a walk thru am sure would have found the body. This story sounds REALLY strange to me.

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OgieDoggie: According to the TV news, the body wasn't in the house, it was in a small storage shed outside the home.

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If there is a body a house, the house is not "empty".

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People get angry about pictures on the net. Its this sort of news that makes me want to go break somebody, and that somebody is the killer.

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It dosen't matter where the body was discovered. The point is that someone murderd this poor woman. R.I.P.

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The victim's ex-husband was arrested last month on charges of "ore ore" fraud.

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