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Woman's body found in suitcase in locker at Tokyo Station


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Odd way to get rid of a body.

Security footage should narrow down a list of suspects. Autopsy report should determine cause of death. Hopefully it was just a person who couldn't afford a funeral.

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Security footage should narrow down a list of suspects.

If they still have security footage from over a month ago.

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So, which one is it? Trying to scam a pension or couldn't afford a funeral?

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Would hate to have been the one to first open that suitcase.

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Educator and FernGully: It's entirely possible the suitcase was in the locker for quite a while before being pulled out, and Educator is right about it being in storage for a month. The reason I say the former is that I've seen such a thing -- luggage without having been locked, not bodies!... I hope... -- and it wasn't taken out of the locker for quite some time (people would open the locker thinking it was empty, see someone's stuff, then just go to another locker. If there's someone at the station in question who's job is to regularly check lockers to see if they are empty or not, then it might only have been a day.

Anyway, a macabre discovery. I'm guessing it was just an elderly woman who died, and the dutiful family got rid of her remains this way to keep collecting pension. There is no way to verify who the woman is, unless a local ward office happens to stumble upon a family collecting pension without producing a mother/wife -- and that's assuming I'm correct.

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.... This reminds me of a suitcase I saw many times not far from my house. It was on the street in front of Tokyo University of Arts and seemed abandoned there near the fence. It was there for months and it sort of gave me creeps every time I passed by it. Anyway, it couldn't have been the same suitcase, haven't seen than one for a few months now.

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How heartless can somebody be to not even grant a person their last farewell in a proper manner?! No conscience whatsoever. I'm afraid with the astronomically high costs associated with funerals in Japan we will see more of such cases in the future.

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I'm noticing no one has said she MAY have actually been MURDERED, not just DUMPED by a family member!

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That had to be a heavy suitcase - especially for typical station J-dudes. Didn't they kind of suspect something was amiss when they most likely had to get 2 or 3 of them to move it?

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What do you mean "can't afford funeral cost"? There are free cremations (no funeral service included) for cases where the deceased has no income or living relatives. Even if there are relatives, they have the right to refuse to pay for the funeral in which case the municipality cremates the body free of charge. I don't quite get the logic of getting rid of a body (i.e. committing a crime) to avoid paying funeral costs when that option is already available?!?

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I am sure she did not get in their herself. Someone has knowledge of this for sure.

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Always the last place you look.

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"Hopefully it was just a person who couldn't afford a funeral." I get the paranoia by the poor old folk who are afraid of funeral costs for their spouses. But not having money is not a crime and all you have to do it call 119 to report your spouse has died in the house and say you have no money and they will take responsibility for no charge. This has happened before from being afraid of these outrageous costs. But if someone is scamming social security money that's a different story.

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Cremation costs about 30.000Yen.

It is the priest, wakare-kai, etc that are pricey especially if held at the crematorium or funeral home.

We had a very nice wakarekai for my wife at the local community center. Place was free, rest was donated labour, etc.

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Back on topic please.

I'm not quite sure why someone kept the body in the locker. But my only guess is that someone couldn't afford the last sad service to the dead ended up having to keep it in the locker.

At any rate, it's a very eerie incident. May she rest in peace.

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