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Woman's body found in plastic bag on river bank


The dead body of a woman was found in a plastic bag on the bank of the Yodo River in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, on Thursday afternoon, police said Friday. Osaka prefectural police are trying to identify the woman, who was about 163 centimeters tall and had brown hair.

The body had no prominent wounds or dishevelment of clothes but had marks that indicate she was strangled. An autopsy will be performed to determine how she died, police said.

A 60-year-old woman found the bag while walking her dog around 5 p.m. Thursday and alerted the police. The woman said that she first saw the bag around 7:30 a.m. that day.

The victim is believed to have been transported to where she was found from another location because no blood traces were found nearby, police said.

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often times I wonder if I will stumble on a corpse here someday.... its my last thing on my "no way...not in Japan" checklist.....

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My2sense - your chances of finding one seem pretty high.

There seems to be more and more every week...

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Here we go again....Just when I thought it ended.


"Police have launched an investigation...." Ya think?! I'm sure it wasn't an accident. Good call J-Cops.

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Got to be stupid to dump a body in a river not knowing that it will be dry soon.

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Here we go again....Just when I thought it ended

what, murder? How did you arrive at that conclusion LOL.

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This article should be linked to the JapanToday forum:

HAVE YOUR SAY - Wednesday 28th April

How safe do you think Japanese society is, compared to other countries?

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Seems like this one could go many ways. 1.Murder, 2. natural causes with acquaintance not knowing what to do with body, or 3. even a funeral home losing a body before they cremate to save money and time. You never know what happens in the world of JT

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@martyman at 10:59AM

Seems like this one could go many ways. 1.Murder, 2. natural causes with acquaintance not knowing what to do with body,

Your #2 sounds alot like what is happening in Okinawa:

"Abandoned bodies, bones problem for communities"


(Note: that website is having problems lately and may not load properly)

Very creepy for a society that we are told is supposed to respect and revere the dead.

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What? in my neighborhood again? Well distant neighborhood. Im actually thinking Ibaraki and adjacent cities are a breeding-ground for killers. that's 3 victims in 1 year.

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@islandview: Thanks for the find of that article! That is soooo creepy, and it may not just be Okinawa. I have a small forest in my back yard and every now and again the neighbors dogs go off for an hour or so at times. The house owner likes to sit outside at times and circle our apartment complex sometimes, as if he is suspicious of something. He denies it when I ask, maybe afraid to alarm us. But after reading these articles and the one islandview posted made me even more curious of possible bodies nearby. Just waiting to see or smell something with the hot summer approaching.

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compare to where i am from (Oakland, California) 3 bodies in 4 months is not a bad number... but still... RIP to the victims

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I am no crime scene expert but I was not aware that strangulation caused extensive loss of blood?

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I guess Osaka aint as bad as Richmond nor Oakland, but by regular Japanese standards, well it is bad enough. RIP woman in plastic bag.

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Midnightpromise, a very good point. Somebody is an idiot and its not you or me.

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Martyman:2. natural causes with acquaintance not knowing what to do with body

You know strangulation is not a natural cause of death. The victim was probably murdered or suicidal.

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It's silly season in Japan again folks! Yep, the weather changes and so do the statistics on crime! Murder cases are piling up by the day already!

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