Woodford's Olympus court clash looms in London

By Kirstin Ridley

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I'm torn in two minds here....He whistle blew to save the company? To protect the shareholders and to make sure the men who committed the crimes are caught? Well ok, I assume he managed to get the last point across. but by taking the case to court and suing for 10years worth of salary, isn't he just prolonging the damage on the share price and the ability of the company to move on?

The other part of me says, good on ya, I'll drink a pint of bitter to that!

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The biggest question on my mind is how a Japanese corporation recruiting a foreigner under Japanese law be judged under British civil law?

I cannot see how a British court of law have any jurisdiction over a completely Japanese domestic civil case.

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Greed runs deep, even when you are right and wrong.

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well he has a better shot then we do of winning the dream jumbo..........

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Sounds like a long shot. But I wish him luck anyway. Whatever the outcome, I'll buy the book!

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All the best Michael.

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Good luck Michael.

1 ( +1 / -0 ) needs serious amounts of stamina and mojo to continue like this... well well

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This is going to be a good one. Can't wait to hear the results.

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