WWF lifts lid on unreported tuna trade


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Panama is a main export route of bluefin to key market Japan

No surprise here. Once again the Japanese hypocracy is laid bare for all to see. They support ICCAT knowing full well that they are probably the biggest beneficiary of the illegal tuna trade. Maybe why ICCAT is also known as the International Commission for the CATCHING of ALL Tuna. Japan will pay for its arrogance when the socks are fully depleted and there are no more conveyor-style sushi places.

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Goodbye Mother Earth, it was nice to know you.

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Culturally speaking., this is a cultural misunderstanding. Only Japanese eat tuna, therefore we should have all the tuna. I think therefore I am

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constitute an environmental crime

Your honor, we find the plaintiff delicious.

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tuna is good protein, good mercury too

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Yeah & J-Customs sure as hell is not to stop clearing this stuff.

It always kills me when Japanese seem so surprised which this or that maguro is no longer available, or when they all get in a huff when eel shpts are going to start be restricted, THEY NEVER clue in as to why this is happening, they you see they boff a big unagi bento at lunch & 4-5plates of maguro at diner time at the local kaiten sushi joint, then you see them in front of the TV all wondering why unagi & maguro are in the news...................lotta daft folks around these parts

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perpetually and purposefully aloof

once you accept that about the japanese, everything makes sense

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Nothing I read in this story surprised me one bit.

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