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Wynn Macau board ousts tycoon Okada for 'unacceptable conduct'


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Wynn Macau board ousts tycoon Okada in "foreign media witch hunt"

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spending more than $110,000 to curry favor with Philippines officials

SOP according to the Philippine government spokesperson - not an issue - walang problem...

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as well as use of the casinos best butler.

I love that part. "Hey, if you want me to play along, I ain't settling for no number-two butler. And he'd better be named Jeeves, too."

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WOW ! Two gambling tycoons accusing each other of bribery. What else is new. It takes a thief to catch a thief. No need for this kind of news sensationalism. It's just simple greed, jealousy and competition between Gambling lords. hehehehe ! Why focus on Philippines officials being courted by Okada to build his own Gambling venue in the Philippines. It's Okada's way of his public relations and treat to Pagcor officials which is customary between Casino owners.

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$110,000 US? Wow...that's like 80 gazillion pesos!

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Lends more credence to my theory that the FBI is bearing down on Wynn's operations. US authorities can't control what goes on in places lie Macao because they have little way of knowing what goes on, but the Philippines is a different story - the American legacy is very deep. Look forward to a Federal announcement soon.

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To all saying this is peanuts money for casino business. Bribery is most likely the worst thing for any country democracy. Never mind if this is M or MM USD, it distorts the whole economy and penalize the people trying to do fair and clean business associated with shared economical prosperity. None should be allowed to overuled this basic behavior! And even less for the exposed business like casino.

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Wow.... a bum fight between millionaires.

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They both paid millions to make their million billions and llke oc says 100,000 is like several millions more in the PI

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"foreign media witch hunt"

It makes sense to hunt where the game is plentiful, now doesn't it?

U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Whoa, what? The Americans have law against "Japanese culture"? Maybe it's just a safeguard against the "unique" ones?

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I didn't see the part about him being convicted. Did I miss it?

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