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Y10 million stolen from supermarket in Fukuoka


A supermarket was robbed of million yen in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Monday night, police said Tuesday. According to police investigations, a man, who is about 170 cm tall and wearing a black T-shirt and black pants, broke into the supermarket through the back door around 11 p.m. just as employees were closing the shop. The intruder threatened two employees, bound them with plastic tape and stole 10 million yen.

The two freed themselves a short time later and called police.

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How many million yen?

From the description of the robbers, I suspect heavy metallers or goths.

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are grocery stores easier to hit than pachinko parlors now?

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grocery stores are flushed with more money than pachinko a ha! evidence of global inflation!

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Fukuoka robberies going up.

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I blame the high price of unagi.

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pretty good hall for a stick up job. Not very common in Japan, my guess is they will catch the guy as they have a description. I wonder if he was caught on camera anywhere?

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