Y5 million stolen from post office in Tokyo


A man robbed a post office in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward Monday, threatening two employees and making off with 5 million yen in cash.

According to police, at around 10 a.m., the man entered Edogawa Naka-Kasai Ichi Post Office. He threatened a female clerk with a knife and demanded money. He then pointed the knife at a male employee before running off with the money.

Police said the suspect is a male around 50 years of age and 160 cm tall. He wore a ski mask and green jacket with white trousers.

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Sounds like he was shopping at Uniqlo before robbing the post office.

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O! robbin and stealing are the same, eh.

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Y5M at 10am - early morning breakfast for reserves suggests that it is not a small branch of JP.

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cash reserves suggests that it is not a small branch of JP.

Then again, obaachans walk around with millions of Yen in their bags and make transactions of huge amounts.

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Perhaps they oughta stop piling the cash on the counters....the security and cash-handling procedures in this country serve as open invitations for criminals.....with the hard times facing Ken-6-pack these days, I expect to read more and more of these little tales!

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Uniqlo? Yes they should start to check all camera footage from them. And watch for a guy in a green jacket and white trousers trying to buy a suit at Mitsukoshi. He won't be going to Aoki with 5 million.

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But knowing this kind of guy he'll blow it all at a Pachinko parlour.

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@bushlover likely he has already spent them paying BACK his pachinko parlour debt...

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