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Yahoo! Japan suspects 22 million IDs stolen


Yahoo! Japan Corp said Friday it suspects up to 22 million user IDs may have been stolen during an unauthorized attempt to access the administrative system of its Yahoo! Japan portal.

"We don't know if the file of 22 million user IDs was leaked or not, but we can't deny the possibility given the volume of traffic between our server and external" terminals, the company said in a statement.

The information did not include passwords and the kind of data necessary to verify a user's identity or reset passwords, it said, adding that the company had updated its security measures to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Yahoo Japan is 35.5% held by Japan's mobile phone operator SoftBank, and 34.7% held by U.S. Internet giant Yahoo! Inc.

Its popular portal Yahoo! Japan holds the top search engine position in Japan with a more than 50% market share, compared with around 40% for rival Google.

In 2011, Sony said information such as usernames, passwords and birth dates of more than 100 million people may have been compromised after hackers struck the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment services.

Japan acknowledges that its preventative measures against cyberattacks remain underdeveloped, with the national police agency having announced this month it would launch a team to analyze and combat cyberattacks.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said last month that information related to the International Space Station may have been leaked during an unauthorized attempt to access its system.

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Bunch of yahoo's that's for sure! And it isn't the first time yahoo has had problems here with security.

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not much you can do with just the IDs. It's not like you can't guess the first 10 million ID's by using a dictionary.

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Yahoo Japan is 35.5% held by Japan’s mobile phone operator SoftBank. So that is why my wife and I get so much Yahoo oriented spam emails and text message on our soft bank iphone and ipads and why there is no way to delete the yahoo bookmarks.

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Japanese people must make their passwords without encrypting each spell. Database of these un-encrypted passwords are easily copied to some T bytes cheap storage devices, even in a Giga-bytes cheap flush drive. .

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22 million times 6 bytes = only 132 million bytess. Seems it did not bother to consult the expert with IEC, JSA/APc, etc top hancho who is based in Japan?

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22 million times 6 bytes = only 132 million bytess.

More than that by at least 2-3, plus all the coding/formatting around the characters.

http://lfw.org/text/jp.html#sjis http://charset.7jp.net/jis0208.html

each 0-F is 4 bits "a nibble", 2 nibbles to a byte "8 bits" 0000 = 0 1111 = F 1110 = E 0001 = 1

16 characters in Hexadecimal 0-F

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I am surprised that the Amoeba corporate blob Google hasn't slithered over Yahoo Japan and incorporated it or just digested it to it's demise by now.

I think this is like a cat with a stomach full playing with a mouse just for the fun of it

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badsey3: Passwords are saved to theio database as they were received into their database by data entry clerks. 'They are saved in characters. Ask FaceBook lady CEO. She knew her orgaqnization goofed. The database is stored in characters in any database system, We used to create own database system years ago at IBM 360 time but even then, data were stored in Characters, No need anyway, People read characters as characters, ABCis stored as one space + ABCD, etc. abc is two spaces with abc if it is password. Your computation is awfully wrong. Ask any working beginning programmers to learn more if you want to learn, not your wrong interreptation of a book. Have you encrypted any character?

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Technology changes rapidly. Yahoo should improve their data entry system according to advancing of storage capacity change. It is acting like it is still in 20th century.

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@cwhiteMay. 18, 2013 - 07:30PM JST

not much you can do with just the IDs. It's not like you can't guess the first 10 million ID's by using a dictionary .............. You are right, Yahoo is sorting these data in sorted database as dictionary in Japan. Some USA people know how to encrypt to stay away from any databases that operate like yahoo. I had to use my unique encrypted password but often I get kicked ou in some sites. Then I know mine is OK. In USA. identity theft is a big problem.

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