Yamaguchi man steals 896 library books


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Two million for 900 books? At Book-Off he could maybe get 200 yen each if they were mass market manga-esque crap. If they were serious literature, he'd get zero. I think they meant that the replacement cost would be 2,000,000 yen.

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woaw, a Hon otaku those are rare :p

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Well... at least his fettish was for books and not raiding people's wash lines.

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borsht, the point was the cost of the books to the libararies, and thus the additional cost it would take to replace them. It was not about the kind of money he could expect to make selling them used.

But yes, the use of the word "worth" was misleading.

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Knowledge is power!

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"Well... at least his fettish was for books and not raiding people's wash lines.

Unless these were books on "how to raid people wash lines."

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This guy certainly needs to read more books and get enlightened. Hope he can get some books for his prison cell....poor soul

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Throw the book at him!!!

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Poor man. I, too, love my books, and hardly ever get rid of them. But this is a mental illness, and should be dealt with accordingly. Prison won't help him at all.

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61 years old and the man still doesn't know right from wrong.

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To each his, or her, own.

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sounds like he is simply disconnected from society and does't have people with whom to discuss what it is he's reading about.

sounds he's like building a temple of books.

to house the church of literature without a, a congregation?

er, reading community?


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japan is a wonderful country. japanese people are at the center of my heart. the japanese penal code however: needs some serious revision.

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