Yokohama police investigating 8 mysterious cat deaths


A total of eight mysterious stray cat deaths have been reported in Yokohama's Naka Ward since August, police said Wednesday.

None of the eight cats, which were found dead on streets and within the ward's residential areas, had external injuries, officials said. In some of the eight cases, however, a foam drooling from the mouth was observed, leading police to believe that the cats were probably poisoned, Fuji TV reported.

The Yamate police station of Kanagawa Prefecture has launched an official investigation, including performing autopsies and blood tests on the cats. The perpetrator, if caught, faces a charge of violating the animal protection law.

A similar case was reported in Tokyo's Ota Ward earlier in the year, where 40 cats were found dead in an almost identical manner.

A 33-year-old man was charged in that case after he admitted mixing fatal pesticides with cat food to lure the unsuspecting cats. He said he had committed his crime out of a love for cats, and not some malicious act. He felt that it was sad that feral cats have such lonely and short lives. He said he got really irritated by local residents feeding stray cat and wanted to keep their population down.

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The perpetrator, if caught, faces a charge of violating the animal protection law.

and what exactly is the punishment for this? Jail time or fine?

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Getting statements from the immediate families of the deceased will be one hell of an assignment.

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It happened where I live, too. A healthy cat suddenly became horribly ill. It had been fighting with someone else's cat and...guess what?

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"man... mixing fatal pesticides with cat food... out of... love... wanted to keep their population down"

I ABUSE you and KILL you because I LOVE you...

Welcome to Japan everyone!! :-)

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Call in Purrlock Holmes.

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How could they tell that the cats were mysterious?

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