Youth held for murder after pushing student into river


Police on Tuesday charged a 17-year-old youth with murder after he allegedly pushed a 16-year-old boy into a river in Sakai, Osaka, over an apparent money dispute.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. Monday on a bank of the Ishizugawa River. Fuji TV quoted police as saying that the suspect, who is a construction worker, and his friend, a vocational school student, got into an argument over money. The suspect then pushed the student into the river.

Police said the river was about two meters deep at the point where the boy went in. Divers searched the river on Monday without luck, but found the boy's body on Tuesday morning about 1.5 kilometers downstream from where he was pushed in.

The suspect was quoted by police as saying his friend owed him 10,000 yen and that when he pushed him, he didn't mean to kill him.

He was initially charged with attempted murder on Monday but police upgraded the charge to murder on Tuesday afternoon. Fuji TV reported that police are also questioning three minors who were at the scene when the incident occurred.

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Umm - the kid died, so why was the guy charged with attempted murder?

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In cases like this, they always start off with attempted murder. They have to wait for the results of an autopsy before upgrading the charge.

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The guy was charged yesterday, before the body was found.

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The "attempted" part was at the time when the victim had yet to be found. Now that the body has been found, the charge will now be changed according to this news report.

The police may not be in a rush to change the charge, however, since one can "interview" a suspect for a certain number of days (10 is it?) from the time of being charged to being brought to trial. If they change the charge at the end of that period of time then they can hold the suspect for the same period again. If they don't think that the suspect is being entirely honest (e.g. if they suspect that he had murderous intent) they may wish to 'interview' him for as long as they can.

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Still, wouldn't this be manslaughter?

2 ( +4 / -2 )

I guess he will not get his 10000yen back now.

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Yeah, he didn't mean to kill him, but he didn't do anything about saving him either.

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Who reported it to the police? If it was the kid who pushed him, that shows lack of malice/ intent to murder, no?

1 ( +3 / -2 )

... why was the guy charged with attempted murder?

From what I understand that in Japan the police can easily change the charge, i.e. upgrade it at a later date. Apparently it happens quite often.

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I was thinking the same thing, nrtguy, and had to go back and read it again.

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It's not murder, unless he was beaten unconscious and then had lead weights tied to his body, although it could qualify as manslaughter. Mind you, the Japanese justice system often seems to be run by people who make up the rules depending on whatever is convenient.

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He didn't mean to kill him? Did he figure the boy was an Olympic swimmer?

I hope he gets whatever the maximum penalty is though it won't be much due to his age.

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"when he pushed him, he didn’t mean to kill him." ummm. so what did he do. Just push him and immediately turn his back and walk away? Assuming what? He just pushed Jesus or a ninja into the water and he would just be able walk away no harm no foul?

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wow I didnt know he would die.

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Im with COS, i really doubt this kid was only pushed into the river, most like beaten up, kicked around then pushed to die in the river!! All for a crappy 10,000 yen???

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What are teens doing out at that hour? Parents?

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the incident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. Monday...

Who reported the incident?? One of the three minors??

Fuji TV quoted police as saying that the suspect, who is a construction worker,....

I can totally understand times are tough and earning wages is no walk in the park anywhere these days, but...Is it legal for a 17 y.o. to work at a construction when legal age is 20??

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I still don't get it. A body = dead, and his 'attempt' was successful.

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Did he figure the boy was an Olympic swimmer?

You rarely just fall into water and die like that. Very unlikely for a healthy teen. I was pushed into 2 meter deep pools countless times and I'm still here. And if you fall, in a small river, I'd probably be able to dive and help you get back to the bank. So none of the 4 youth presents there could help him ? Weird. Apparently there was more than one youth just pushing.

at around 1:30 a.m.

On a weekday, your curfew was at what when you were 16 ? 3 a.m. Maybe the guy that fell was very drunk, maybe the 4 others too, Or the youth that died was badly beaten, then pushed while unconscious.

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I swam over 1 mile for charity when I was 5 years old. Something doesn't add up here. Unless the bank is an unclimbable cliff...

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Possibly the dead lad was dead before he entered the water and an autopsy was needed to determine the murder charge now placed against the person that did it.

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