'#ChangeMusic' plan aims to give Black artists bigger clout

By Jill Serjeant

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Enough already, it’s getting old

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last Black artist to win the coveted accolade was Herbie Hancock in 2008.

I have a hard time putting Jay Z, Kanye et al those guys , who spew the N word like it’s the word of the year, with Herbie Hancock. HH is a genius, a leader, a creative master, a musician of the highest order, who has been there through it all and come out even better. I saw him 30 years ago in Canada and again in Tokyo 10ish years ago and was blown away. He’s Quincy Jones on steroids- and I love Quincy Jones. It’s night and day. Bottom line is he’s a MUSICIAN. He can play MUSIC.

I just recently listened to the Apple Music top 100 songs, and there were tons of black artists represented. But from Roddy Ricch to Dababy, to Travis Scott to Future to Chris Brown, Lizzo, Lil this and Lil that, when everyone is doing the same thing, this is a sign that there’s no creativity, there’s no music. It’s all just Migos mumble featuring Drake. Remember when T-pain was getting crap from everyone for auto-tune? Guess what? Everyone is now using it. Wtf?

In other words, I agree that more and different black musicians need to be better represented in the production angle because whoever is doing it now is awful and has no creativity whatsoever. It’s in a rut, and not a good one. Kanye is closest on the creativity aspect, and Jay Z had something going with Tidal, but apart from that it’s a desert.

Where are Quincy and Herbie when you need em?

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This endless stupid, hollow knee-jerk pandering is why these awards arent given any importance by the general public anymore.

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years, you need to look up independent artist, no matter the genre, if you want to hear real talent.

not always, but you’re right, there are some hidden gems that take a lot of searching.

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I suppose all winners will be taking the knee when taking their award

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How many times do we have to go through this?

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Black artists "have created styles of music, the culture, the trends, and the success of this business - yet too often are left unheralded and excluded from the rooms in which the most important decisions are made,"

Better late than never. Black artists are taking their rightful place unlike many who got where they are in music because of a pale complexion. Music is live, it embraces change


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Until true equality is achieved.

Virtue duly signalled.

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