'Avengers' and 'Game of Thrones' star Diana Rigg dies at 82


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A seriously sexy small screen presence as Emma Peel.

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A brilliant actress with astonishing versatility, from the Avengers and comedy horror with Vincent Price to Tom Stoppard and Euripedes. Still working at 82. All the girls and boys loved Mrs. Peel, too. RIP great woman.

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She was the very classy tough-sexy secret agent in The Avengers with the older, crispy but humorous agent John Steed.

She just called him, “Steed”

He called her, “ Mrs. Peel”.

I liked that.

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She was a beautiful and talented actress. Here's a nice tribute:

The Avengers - Short Skirt, Long Jacket [Emma Peel]


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They had better hurry and remake Game of Thrones seasons 7 & 8 before any more actors die off!

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Loved her character in GOT.


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I have every episode DVD of The Avengers, Linda Thorson (Tara King), and Diana Rigg (Emma Peel)….

They are amongst my favorites, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Jason King, those synthetic polyester fibre shirts were a fire hazard  

The 60’s 70’s London was my Father playground, although he tells me women weren’t interest with men they could not admire over their handbag.

Poor Dad.    

Mercifully, Mum was closer to the ground.

Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) you will be missed.

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She was a brilliant performer who brought her exemplary skill to every role she took on. In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, she was the star in one of the best Bond films, whose plot was driven more by her character than it was by the villain. 

That makes me very sad as she was part of my childhood and younger years. Makes you think about time and your own age...

In her role as Emma Peel, she probably single-handedly defined my views on what women can and cannot do, the latter being practically zero. Something rather unusual for a time when some people still thought a modern woman was a woman who knew how to operate an automatic dishwasher.

Rest in Peace, Ms Rigg.

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She was a,so in a Do for Who episode that was written especially for her. She was fabulous, took no nonsense and fought for equal pay way back in the sixties. When making The Avengers she discovered the cameraman was getting paid more than her and refused to work until she got pay parity.

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Great actress, absolutely loved the Avengers back in the day, didn’t recognize her at first on GOT until much later in the series, but she was equally as fantastic in everything else she did. She was definitely hot back in the day. Another great legend leaves us.

A-class for sure.


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A sad loss, a great actress, stunningly sexy and funny in the avengers. An actress with great technical skill, range and presence.

She was a part of my childhood, agree Avenger, makes me ponder.

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As Emma Peel in The Avengers, my very first boyhood crush.

Bye, sweetie.

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George Lazenby, who made his only appearance as Bond in the film, said on Instagram that he was “so sad to hear of the death of Diana Rigg. She undoubtedly raised my acting game when we made On Her Majesty’s Secret Service together in 1968-9.”

A very fine comment from Mr. Lazenby. It seems Dame Rigg hated him and he knew it. He was a fine Bond in my opinion and I wish I could go back in time and convince him to play Bond a few more times.

Dame Rigg was a fine critic of feminism, even back in the days of traditional feminism. She simply scoffed at it and said women already have too much power. I have to agree.

Some might have scoffed back saying she had beauty on her side. But when she played Olenna Tyrell I felt she was not playing a character as much as being herself. Who would have the heart to mess with Olenna Tyrell and suffer the sharp end of that wit?

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my very first boyhood crush.

Mine too, and I was reminded of a poem...

Fare thee weel, my first and fairest

Fare thee weel, my best and dearest

Thine be like joy and treasure

Peace, enjoyment, love and pleasure

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