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Keanu Reeves brings 'John Wick' to Paris

By Francois BECKER

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I am going to see John Wick 4. This will be the first movie I will see after the Covid. I am not a fan of this series. But I am going to see it because this is Rina Sawayama's debut as an actress.

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Doesn’t seem to have a Japanese release date yet :-(

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“ John Wick" takes its inspiration primarily from classic Hong Kong action films, with added visual cues from European and Hollywood noir thrillers. “

Beautiful… beautiful combination…(!) :)…;

I’ve been hearing good things about this one… that it’s a masterpiece and one of the greatest action movies ever made.

The fourth John Wick film is sitting at a very-hard-to-ignore 90 percent critic rating, most of which are applauding its character work despite its excellent-as-ever emphasis on its action sequences. One critic goes so far as to say that “every action scene in the movie could be the climax of any of the other three films.”

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Maybe I'm in the minority, but the last one was so full of quick-fire fight-scene edits it did my head in and I turned off half-way through. I would have gone for less frenzy this time.

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Im not a fan of the John Wick films which are the standard fare action films, but at least like Cruise, there are still people out there making films that people want to see. Barely..

The recent Oscars annual crapfest of movies no one wants to see is a sad reminder that leftism destroys everything in its path.

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The recent Oscars is a sad reminder that there are movies I don't want to see.

Fixed it for you.

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John Wick is one of the best movies series ever made. True art, gripping visuals, unrivaled stunt work, and unlike most nauseating action films isn't afraid to do long/true takes.

They built the character of John Wick in the first 20 minutes of the first film, stronger than any other movie ever has. The audience goes from never having heard the name, to knowing this is the scariest man on the planet in minutes. It even feels genuine.

So proud of Keanu. You guys need better movie tastes.

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Don't usually enjoy hyper violent films,but John Wick is great.

Plus, Lovejoy's in them.And a dog.

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Usually released here 3-4 months after the rest of the world, even countries I never heard of nor spell are being released on 24th. Always last.

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Can't wait to see it. Sequels tend to be awful, but the John Wick series has so far been amazing, never a dull moment.

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