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'Attack on Titan' escape game coming to celebrate final season

By Jess, grape Japan

"Attack on Titan’s" much talked about final season is on the way, and thanks to this momentous occasion, there’s a few different events that wannabe titan-slayers might want to look into.

This activity, which was recently announced, comes courtesy of one of Japan’s most prolific escape game makers, Scrap. They call their games "Real Escape Games" due to their elaborate and immersive set ups, and now they’re releasing an escape game which will drop fans smack bang in the middle of the "Attack on Titan" world. The game will be coming to Scrap's "Tokyo Mystery Circus" which is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Those who partake in the game become a member of the Survey Corps, the last hope of mankind in the fight against the titans. You have to escape from a Titan Forest, where your giant adversaries lurk between the trees. Sadly the game is only available in Japanese, so you have to be pretty confident in your language skills to take on this challenge. (But Tokyo Mystery Circus do offer some games in English too.)


It’s a team game, and up to six people can play, with group tickets on offer to save a bit of money.


The tickets will go on sale to Scrap’s fan club members first on Jan 14, then open to the general public from Jan 16. The actual game will be held from Feb 4 to Feb 23, and prices differ depending on whether it’s a weekday, weekend or public holiday.

If you’re not in Tokyo, other Attack on Titan games will also be coming to various other cities in Japan, namely Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai and Okayama, as well as appearing in Tokyo for an extended time. Check out the website for more information.

Source: PR Times

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This is a great series. My kids got me hooked on it. "Yeah, yeah... giants attack a village and eat people. OK, I'll watch a bit just to keep you happy." A year later, I'm still watching.

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Love this series.

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