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'Avengers: Endgame' obliterates records with $1.2 bil opening


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The movie was awesome. It did not disappoint. But can it surpass Gone With the Wind?

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And starting Thursday, some theaters even stayed open 72 hours straight.

"We've got some really tired staff," said John Fithian, president and chief executive of the National Association of Theater Owners. "I talked to an exhibitor in Kansas who said, 'I've never sold out a 7 a.m. show on Saturday morning before,' and they were doing it all across their circuit."

Both Saturday and Sunday starting at 6am, all the morning showings were sold out! People were going to the theaters so early!

Grossing $1.2 Billion even though it's a 3-hour movie and thus theoretically fewer # of screenings. But that's probably why it's all sold out - because there's not as many # of screenings. Then again, theaters actually scrambled to open up more screen times in order to accommodate the demand.

It's a hit for fans and critics. It's getting fresh 96% critics and 92% audience on Rotten Tomatoes:


It's not often that a movie actually meets its high hype, and people are not let down.

Lol, our workplace has made it a fire-able offense to spoil even hints about the movie for 2 weeks. Managers don't want any trouble cropping up among employees, and many managers are fans of the MCU movies too. Now, if they can extend that among non-employees, lol

And also teachers:

"Teacher warns students not to spoil 'Avengers: Endgame' with fantastic note"


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Very entertaining movie. I'll see it again in a couple days.

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I thought it was great but I have seen all the other films in this series. I don't think it works as a stand-alone film but as the closing of a very long sequence of films it was a fine effort.

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 It did not disappoint. But can it surpass Gone With the Wind?

Frankly, my dear...

No. But actually I’d rather rewatch Avengers Endgame than GWtW anyday.

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