HBO throws out rulebook with streaming launch


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I'm a big fan of HBO programming and would love to join it, but 15$ is a bit tone-deaf. If you want to hook people, you have to make it accessible. Here in Japan, Prime Video and Netflix together cost less than that.

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considering AT&T is the parent company, it's no wonder they'll start high. Give it a year, and it will realize they started at too high a price point. Watch, within 6 months they'll have a super smokin' deal on the service: sub to our service of only (eg: $5.99 for 6-12 months) or around there and they'll see people clamoring to join... knowing that a large percentage won't remember to cancel after the deal is done. As a former AT&T employee, I'm very familiar with this strategy. You almost need to set a reminder in your phone to cancel.

On the plus side: they DO have a good selection.

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I'm not a big fan of splintering the streaming pipeline any further. It's getting costlier since more shows are being charged for if they belong to another streaming site.

Plus, $15 a month - $180 a year?? Sorry, but I'll stick to my 4,000 yen a year Amazon Prime. For those movies/shows not owned by Prime I'll just rent DVDs or pay per movie.

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I’ve started watching TUBI... it’s not new stuff but there is heaps of old classic stuff, fairly good documentaries, and a ton of b-grade junk that is so bad it’s good. Have Netflix and Prime but I find myself checking out TUBI more than both of those. It’s also free, ad supported, but I haven’t seen one yet.

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AT&T kills everything they touch, unless it is an effective monopoly.

If you want free content, https://www.justwatch.com/ tracks all streaming for a country with lots of free and paid choices. Select which you like and filter on "new"

Eventually, all content seems to get to all the services. We can wait a few years. Game of Thones will be free someday. I have time.

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