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'Barbenheimer' sitting pretty as Oscar nominations to be unveiled


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Hollywood has the insane idea that comedies are lessor than dramas. A comedy like "The Graduate" would be overlooked in today's film awards. Hollywood comedies these days are largely, excuse the term, T&A movies or are predicable unto boredom. Imagine telling William Shakespeare that half of his plays weren't very good because they were comedies. If any of today's comedies had any depth to them, they would still lose to biographical or other "very very serious" films. It's idiotic.

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I was on a long international flight and tried "Barbie" but had to stop it after 3 minutes.

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Barbie for me was simply a bad movie. The writing was bad, the pacing was bad, the dialogue was bad, and the plot of a fictional character coming to the real world was unoriginal. My hat is off to the marketing team that convinced so many people that not only isn’t it a bad movie but also that it is an ‘important’ movie.

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Barbie was nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor(Ryan Gosling didn't get the nomination for Best Actor for some reason), but NOT Best Actress and Best Director.

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That we live in a time when a movie such as Barbie is even in contention for an award shows how far we have fallen as a society

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