'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43


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Very sad news. This guy was great in a wide variety of roles.

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Very painful news indeed. I love Black Panther and all the other heroes in the MCU.

There are often scenes in movies that show how beautiful life could be if we could ever get past our racial diversity issues. I remember in Infinity War' Endgame when Black Panther came back for the finale battle. That first look between Black Panther and Captain America. Just using his facial expression alone he communicated his solidarity.

Of course, Mr. Boseman was great in all of the other movies he starred in. His passing hurts because many people knew that he was destined for great things beyond Black Panther.

The real world Wakanda will never forget him! Just like the Black Panther, his spirit will pass on to the next generation. King Chadwick Boseman, King T'Challa. Take your place in Heaven with the other Kings before you.

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A young man has past before he should have. The world has lost an artistic talent that brought joy, laughter and excitement into peoples lives through those he portrayed on screen. Life is so precious as those lucky enough to be born only get it once. Chadwick is gone but his memory will live on in us and in his recorded works for the future to enjoy. Celebrate his memory and his life.

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Man, I am late on this news but I am shocked. Great great actor and should have been more recognized by the Academy for his Robinson and Brown roles. Marshall and Da 5 Bloods were also underrated gems. Rest in Power King!

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Had no idea he was so ill. RIP Chadwick Boseman.

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I’m in shock. A tragedy.

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That’s terrible. Way too young and with a promising career ahead.

“Da 5 Bloods” was an excellent return to form for Lee, in no small part due to Boseman’s performance.

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Too bad.

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Too young to go.

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So sorry.

Should not happen to someone so young.

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2020, a year that won't be missed.

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It's always sad to lose someone so young - and a popular actor in the middle of a successful franchise as well. Reminds me of Andy Whitfield as Spartacus. Somewhat similar circumstances, but terrible for both actors and everyone who loved them and worked with them.

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I am shocked! I really enjoyed his acting!


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Unbelievably, there is already talk of a replacement actor! Hollywood moves a bit too fast sometimes.

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It was almost as if Chadwick knew what was coming. https://9gag.com/gag/ayeW49r Eery, right?

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Very touching comments by Chadwick Boseman regarding Denzel Washington's support. https://9gag.com/gag/aGdM8b5

Very wholesome!

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What a great and talented actor. As Black Panther he inspired so many people of colour. RIP. Gone too soon, but you will not be forgotten

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People were wondering he's becoming thin

Sportsmen like Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to him


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