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'Black Panther' wins top honor at SAG Awards; 'Maisel' soars


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This is tremendous news for Ryan Coogler. He has done a great job as a director and writer in the past and seeing his work finally get recognized on a stage this big is a great thing.

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I don't understand the hype. Black Panther sucked. It is just a pc movie, if the actors were, it would a typical movie.

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Movies are judged by the message they deliver and not on entertainment value. It is incomprehensible how someone like Adam Sandler could become rich and famous in Hollywood. Obscene amounts of money are spent making his nasty and mean class based jokes.

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Black Panther, whilst not as bad as Thor: Dark World, or IM3, is so so at best.

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It is sad that a movie like Black Panther can be referred to in all earnestness as “trailblazing”. One cannot ignore that the mechanisms which allowed this film to exist are dominated utterly by whites: Funding, marketing, merchandising, distribution, screenings, etc. Even if one were to ignore that, how can people in all seriousness consider this shockingly patronizing and infantilizing fantasy as “trailblazing”?

If one really wants to treat themselves to genuinely trailblazing African-American or African cinema, then turn to the work Jamaa Fanaka, Charles Burnett, Ousmane Sembène, et al. Anything but this white-washed, pandering, superhero tripe.

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