'Black Widow' spins new COVID-era U.S. box office record


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Black Widow was just okay. Started out well enough but got bogged down late in it's yawn-inducing, worn-out movie plot. Florence Pugh and David Harbour both upstaged the mediocre Scarlett Johansson.

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Impressive numbers. If true.

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Black Fungus...

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*Perhaps *myteacher(?)will be along shortly, to check my ESL ‘reading & comprehension’ of this story?

Here’s one possible ‘set of takeaways’?:

A prequel;

an 8th sequel;

a 2nd sequel;

the 5th of five in a series

(now adding the word “forever’ to the titles so, there will probably be more(?);


- a “Part Two” (presuming that it’s the ‘second of 2’ parts?)

Please feel free to correct me, IF I missed something or, if you think it’s incorrect. - (‘They’ always do.)

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Oh! One additional, possible ‘takeaway’: some ‘Key’ vocabulary.

New; Disney; Marvel; Disney Plus; Hollywood; China; and, John Cena”.

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New Disney superhero film "Black Widow" took…

Scarlett Johansson as the cat-suited superspy…

how does a black widow spider resemble a cat?

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I find Japanese manga and anime better than anything Marvel has to offer.

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People coming back to the theaters

Even though it's also streaming too

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