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'Blame of Thrones': Fans lament rushed final GoT season

By Thomas URBAIN

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I get that people are disappointed with the way the show has gone, but a ‘do-over’? Entitled much?

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I lost interest they took long releasing the final season. I have the episodes but haven't watched them.

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And these are the same people who have been hired for the new Star Wars movies !?

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I get that people are disappointed with the way the show has gone, but a ‘do-over’? Entitled much?

In fairness, half the movies coming out of Hollywood these days are do-overs (reboots), so these expectations aren’t just coming out of nowhere.

I still haven’t seen season 7 or 8, but the sheer volume of negative reactions flooding the news/social media has already spoiled it for me!

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Fair, but I don’t see people clamouring for reboots and do-overs for titles still in theatres or on television.

Personally I’m enjoying this final season. Give me huge action set pieces over endless chin wagging any day. Simple minds I suppose.

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The obssessive fans may be a rather sad bunch but it's not difficult to have some sympathy for them, considering the total collapse of the show from it's early series to now. The first few series had jaw-dropping plot twists, incredible tension, terrific dialogue, some great acting and very high production values. It's ludicrous nonsense of course ('dungeons and dragons with tits' as the actor Ian McShane said, and he was in it) but it had an internal logic and was gripping entertainment.

Sadly it's descended into empty Hollywood spectacle with dialogue seemingly written by a teenage boy and episodes directed by Michael Bay. The better actors (ie those over 25) have nearly all been killed off or simply sidelined. The showrunners were offered an extra series by HBO to finish it off properly but jumped ship to work on Star Wars for Disney, hence the garbled stagger to the finish line. Plot lines have been mangled and characters forced to act against their nature merely to speed the narrative along to the desired conclusion. One of the key scenes of the entire show wasn't shown at all but only used as a plot device to hurry the action. Very poor. As soon as a show like this breaks its internal logic its done.

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There's still the books - it's not finished yet

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I’ve lost hope for the books. I don’t think George has enough time left to be able to finish them.

Therefore I’m glad for the show. At least I get a conclusion to the story. If per-chance someone gets the books finished some day, it will be a nice addition.

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It is rushed and it shows. Particularly the Big Thing that happened in E 5. "Foreshadowing ain't character development."

With just a few more episodes to let it breathe, the Big Thing woulda felt right. Or 'earned' as people like to say these days. But now, the Nerd Ragers demanding a do-over -- over 1 million and counting -- will never have to confront GRRM's whole point:

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

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"There's been a lot of negativity about the windup, but I think it's just because people don't want ANY ending," tweeted horror author Stephen King, one of the show's most high-profile fans.

Well said. People are acting like spoiled brats. Just sit back and enjoy the show. I for one was glad they didn't build up Dany's heel turn more - it would've given away the outcome.

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The idea that anything big could come to a conclusion without a significant number of people whining about it on the internet is silly. As we as society get more used to having the ability for all of humanity to say something that the rest of humanity can hear, we'll learn to disregard the whiners unless there is something actually there to whine about.

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From a critical point of view, the last season of the show has a different tone.

You see wars with incredible special effects which have useless interest for the story arc.

It never happened before, knowing that was even a particular trait of how story was told, as far as to show very little (battle of the black water bay) or nothing (Robb's attack by Jaime).

Maybe several undreamt final twists could save the story, but I doubt a lot with just above an hour to go.

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And no spoiler warning ?

Drakarys !

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It is like watching a 6 hour movie in 4 hours, with the first 3 hours going at the normal pace and the last 3 hours packed into the last 60 minutes.

Much of what made GOT great were the leisurely dialogues and growth between odd characters. Arya and the Hound, for example.

Jaime's regression, though, was not at all surprising. He never once disavowed his love for her, despite his character's growth. And we all know how ultimately addictive toxic relationships can be.

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With plot hole so big you could fly a dragon through them, this has become the Game of Moans.

I don’t think George has enough time left to be able to finish them.

I think he's pretty much finished with at least WOW, but probably both (word is he made an agreement not to publish them until the TV series was finished). Looking forward to reading them, which will go a long way in helping me blot out the memory of the last two TV seasons.

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Man oh man, this kind of stuff makes me glad I don't watch tv anymore except for a few bits while passing by the box while the Mrs is doing something else while watching it LOL!!

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It would have been nice if Game of Thrones was like one of those never ending soap operas like General Hospital or As the World Turns.

Oh, well, all good things come to an end.

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The irony for me, of course, is Stephen King's comment.

I remember when The Dark Tower series was being written, and people loved books 1-4. 5 was okay, 6 was losing the plot a little bit, but people expected that from King.

Then Book 7, The Dark Tower itself, came out. The howls of protest from nerd-dom rained down hellfire and brimstone upon King. People swore he'd forgotten the face of his father and should be sent west.

But King knew the story had to end the way it did for him.

I think the same here with GoT. For years, people have built their favorites. Whether you were a Jon Snow fan, #TeamCersei, a dragon-lover, or what, you had those you cheered for. And there was nobody, no way, to appease all the fans. Ever.

So take it for what it is, and accept it. I mean, it's television. Not the end of the world.

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Then Book 7, The Dark Tower itself, came out. The howls of protest from nerd-dom rained down hellfire and brimstone upon King. People swore he'd forgotten the face of his father and should be sent west.

Some people will always whine. The ending of the Dark Tower was awesome.

Whiners as often as not are useless and should just be ignored.

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