'Bohemian Rhapsody' sing-along versions coming to theaters


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Awesome! wouldnt mind trying that at Toho with friends. Rami Malek deserved the Golden Globe and hoepfully soon Oscars too! He is great in Mr Robot, its free to watch on Prime Japan, Season 4 is set to start soon too:


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How fun!

I remember seeing The Sound of Music in London, where the audience all dressed up, added dialogue and generally had a great time.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is another one of those films that can run at a venue for years and a great night out is guaranteed.

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These singalongs are actually quite fun. If you're as uninterested as deadbeatles, then fine, stay away, but an audience all singing along is a great experience for those interested. Do we really want to complain about studios actually giving people what they want?

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There was a little bit of that going on when I saw the newer version of 'Yellow Submarine' last year.

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@starpunk was that a "submersive experience" ?

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UlsterBoyJan. 13 11:34 pm JST@starpunk was that a "submersive experience" ?

I'll just say it was a surreal psychedelic blowout. We sang the songs in elementary school music class as well as on religious and college retreats at firesides. And the psychedelic animation is better than ever! Brings back great childhood feelings. Seeing it on the widescreen in a cinema is the BEST way to experience it!

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