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'Call of Duty' to be released on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft says


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Call of Duty is a great game. The newest on MWII is a fantastic addition to the franchise. I've haven't owned a Nintendo product since the Playstation 1 came out. I thnk adding a great game like COD would be good for the platform.

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'get some'

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Finally. They buckled.

a good move and another reason Nintendo might make an upgraded switch too.

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Microsoft will own WoW as well under that deal.

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Deal has been blocked on antitrust grounds.

No, the FTC is suing. When the FTC files a suit to block a merger, the case goes to an administrative court, where a judge hears evidence from both sides and issues a ruling that may block the deal entirely or impose a set of conditions Microsoft must follow for the deal to go ahead. And the FTC has lost suits before:


Could the acquisition still happen?

Yes. Thursday’s announcement means the FTC plans to file a lawsuit to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. It does not mean the FTC has already blocked it. The suit will go before a judge, who could decide that the FTC’s case against Microsoft isn’t sufficiently strong to actually block the deal.


FTC commissioners voted 3-1 to move forward with the agency’s administrative complaint, which will go before the FTC’s internal administrative law judge. In that process, the ALJ makes an initial decision after a trial-like proceeding. The respondent or FTC staff serving as “complaint counsel” can choose to appeal the initial decision to the full commission for a vote. After that, the respondent could still ask a federal appeals court to review the commission’s order.

Khan and her counterpart at the Justice Department’s antitrust division, Jonathan Kanter, have said they want the agencies to become more comfortable with taking big swings, adding that a high win record in court likely means they aren’t challenging enough cases.

Federal enforcers have seen a string of losses in merger challenges in recent months, with the exception of one significant win by the Department of Justice in its case against Penguin Random House’s proposed acquisition of Simon & Schuster.

The FTC’s administrative law judge rejected the commission’s challenge of Illumina’s proposed acquisition of Grail in the biotech space, though the FTC said it will appeal that ruling. The Antitrust Division has also said it’s appealing or considering appealing the three merger cases it lost so far: UnitedHealth Group-Change Healthcare, US Sugar-Imperial Sugar and Booz Allen Hamilton-EverWatch.

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