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'Contagion' movie stars tell fans coronavirus is 'real life'


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And today in "Celebrities are the sharpest knives in the drawer," we have...

"That was a movie. This is real life," said Matt Damon

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Hey, why are people forgetting about Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman?

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New Scientist commented very favourably on the realism of the film, though the scenario was accelerated for Hollywood. An eminent virologist was an advisor on the film, which was based around the Nipah virus, and coincidentally went from bat to banana to pig to human in Hong Kong/ China. Might wake up people to what could and is happening.

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Difference is that in the movie, government was the driver for the solution.

In the real world, govts are part of the problem.

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Watched that again the other week, and, man was it cheesy. Too many highly paid a actors obviously chewed up most of the budget. The extras were really unconvincing and whole thing was really badly implemented and seemed to run our of steam, especially toward the end. A real letdown.

Not recommended.

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tHaT wAs A mOviE. ThiS iS rEal LiFe

Shaddup, Matt.

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Ehle, who in the movie, plays a scientist who helps discover a vaccine, urged people to heed the advice of scientists and medical experts "and that means tuning out the voices with other agendas, no matter how powerful they might be."

That could mean different things to different people.

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"Contagion" is going to finally make some serious money! I wonder how this will impact future Film productions - I bet we will see an onslaught of similar disaster movies exploring different scenarios... not those stupid Zombie ones, but the seriously thought provoking types - ranging from Nuke/Biological War through to Asteroid strikes - each will probably have a more strategic approach analysis upon the way Governments react similar to Contagion, but perhaps with more reality/politics in play... the CCP really needs to be put down as they are the Evil Empire - I hope the Young Chinese people rise up to the occasion and take ahold of their Future themselves, and join the rest of the World rather than remaining upon the path of isolation that China is rapidly heading towards now.

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Difference is that in the movie, government was the driver for the solution.

In the real world, govts are part of the problem.

"govts", yeah they're not perfect in their response but remove the plural. Only one, China, is the real problem and does not receive enough of the credit.

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Scientists are employees and as all employees it is their owners that decide what they work on and how the product of their science is used, abused or suppressed. Rember governments are run by big money not by scientists.

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Matt Damon.

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Afaic, I had enough "advice" from Hollywood celebrities. Thanks but no thanks. So these people have to try to insert themselves into every serious debate?

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