'Crouching Tiger' star Chow Yun-fat vows to donate fortune to charity after death

By Dale de la Rey

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Nice as well as handsome and talented. Good to know.

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Nice as well as handsome and talented. Good to know.

Yes, a class act. I've seen Crouching Tiger a few times now and the doomed romance between Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh chokes me up every time. Good to know he's a worthy character in real life too.

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Chow Yun-Fat should star in all movies. Hard Boiled remains my fav.

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Very kind man. We need more of this kindness in todays world.

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Good on you, 發哥.

A down to earth person, who also hasn't had the need to pick an English name and is proud to use his Chinese name on the world stage.

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What a great actor! He is so much humane and humble.

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why would anyone call him crouching tiger ? perhaps he can donate his money to the dragon ! hidden dragon ? so who can see !

serious! YES.

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