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'Final Fantasy' live-action stage musical coming to Tokyo

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Though it started off as a video game series, "Final Fantasy" has ventured into several other fields over the years. These days, fans can dine in "Final Fantasy" restaurants and even have official "Final Fantasy" wedding ceremonies, and come next spring, the franchise is taking its first step into a whole new realm with a "Final Fantasy" stage musical.

The production will be an adaptation of "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius," the mobile title that launched in 2015 and has recorded over 40 million downloads in the time since. While that might be disappointing for fans who want to spend an entire musical with the cast of their favorite mainline numbered "Final Fantasy" installment, the upside is that "Brave Exvius’" game mechanics allow the player to summon heroes from a number of different "Final Fantasy" games. So while the initial promotional image for "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius The Musical" shows "Brave Exvius’" original-character core cast, with Rain and Lasswell in central positions, there’s still an outside chance of stars from other "Final Fantasy" games making cameos.

The musical’s script and direction are being handled by Fumiya Matsuzaki, a veteran of 2-D to live-action theater projects who’s worked on stage play versions of numerous anime and games, including "Danganronpa," "Children of the Whales" and "Prince of Stride."

"Final Fantasy Brave Exvius The Musical" is scheduled to play at two venues, starting with a 10-day run at Tokyo’s Tennozu Galaxy Theater from March 6 to 15, then moving to Kobe’s AiiA 2.5 Theater from March 20 to 29. Casting has yet to be announced, though the producers say that ticketing information is coming in December, so we’ll have to sit tight and sip our "Final Fantasy" sake while we wait.

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