'Fleabag' actor Waller-Bridge to star in new 'Indiana Jones'


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The first 3 films are classics without a doubt but I heard about how horrid the last one was so I skipped it.

As Snowy up above says, surely the Indiana Jones franchise must be wearing thin by now, even for fans.

And beings Disney has the reigns now I ain't too optimistic about this one either. I just hope there are no further 'Indy' movies with substitutes for Harrison Ford.

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I thought she was brilliant as writer of and actor in Fleabag but I had no idea she also had the big-budget movie writing credits, since I have no interest in that stuff. As Snowy up above says, surely the Indiana Jones franchise must be wearing thin by now, even for fans.

Phoebe shouldn't worry too much about how this goes, though. She's a very talented (and funny) girl.

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Good point *@kohakuebisu 9:01a. *WHICH culture would NOT be offended in the current ‘political’ climate?

Disney means ‘financing from abroad’, which means China, which means there can be ‘no ghosts, Arch of the Covenant, etc”.


James Mangold is the director, Waller-Bridge is a co-star. He will have your ‘reduced tool box’ to try depict a coherent story working in the parameters above. Oh well. Perhaps it should have ended with “The Last Crusade”?

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I loved the original films at the time, but the best one, Temple of Doom, plays on the idea of brown people as savages and would be impossible to remake today. Especially for a please-everybody company like Disney.

This is merely to point out that Waller Bridge will have a reduced toolbox in trying to make a good movie, on top of already missing the young Harrison Ford. Since the theme is archeology, its going to be about someone's culture. Its not mythical villians in outer space.

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She’s great, He’s great (James Mangold, director “Ford v. Ferrari”) but unfortunately this franchise was ‘worn thin’ by the original director producers in the last, disastrous film.

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