'Game of Thrones' cast defend final season at Comic-Con

By Robyn Beck

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Well in ten years after it gets showen in Japan we can make our decision.

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People are still moaning about this? Move on!!

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Whinge of Thrones.

People need to chilllll. Was just a show folks.

Don't need to rewrite the final season. Do need to get on with life.

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Still watching season 3 for free on amazon prime. Great series!

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When did game of thrones become a comic? Should we just call it "con" rather than comicon? While I do find star wars stormtroopers funny at conventions, at least they have comic books (though no excuse for being at anime conventions, just comicon).

If you want to see a show that started off promising then crashed, watch Sliders (1995-1999). Nobody knows how long it really lasted because only one main character survived - most stopped watching after season 2 or 3. They killed off the professor, the main girl, the replacement girl, the inventor, the inventor's brother/twin/clone, etc

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Never watched it and I guess I never will. Not sure if my life is better or worse for that. I enjoy a good book or conversation with a friend more. Just an opinion.

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It was a beautiful show and nothing can defend what they did to it in the very last episode. but this is what happens when the writer of the original books gets lazy and relies on the success of a show to make money and not get involved with it. The writers HAD to come up with something, and it clearly showed they had no connection with the books. They made up what they thought was most logical. But it was stupid.

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Ttally agree with Armel.

Last few episodes got totally awkward and so poor writing a 6 year old child could have done the work. From glorious to full decay intellectualy.

Life goes on but what a waste.

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