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'Game of Thrones' creators withdraw from 'Star Wars' trilogy

By Valerie MACON

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I don't know about you but I've had enough Star Wars and superhero movies.

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Are they really “creators” of Game of Thrones, or just 2 guys who turned existing books into tv scripts?

i guess they did have a go at creating some really bad fan fiction once they ran out of books to pull ideas from...

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Should have stopped after Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, imho.

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I'm sure there will be other creators out there who can deliver the goods. Plus, don't want to saturate the market. That said, the latest trailer for The Mandalorian looks awesome. Werner Herzog looks like he's having great fun, chewing on the scenery!

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These are the same two "creators" that rushed the last few seasons of Game of Thrones, so they could work on their Star Wars trilogy. Now they quit the trilogy.

I personally think that they are becoming gun shy. Jumping from project to project that they feel might not be another "hit" like GoTs.

Honestly, this last Star Wars trilogy has been trash, and I have very little faith that the last installment will be any better. Disney and the people that they have hired have ruined the Star Wars saga.

Kind of like the way these two creators bombed the last season of GoTs.

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Following the relative failure of the stand-alone film "Solo" in 2018, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger announced he wanted to slow down the pace at which "Star Wars" films are released.


"The duo were due to write and produce the trilogy,"

"Another series of "Star Wars" movies is also being put together by Rian Johnson"

"And in September, Disney announced that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige would make a "Star Wars" movie for Lucasfilm."

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Smart move for those two.

Disney has put the Star Wars franchise into a death spiral.

Maybe Episode IX will slow the process, but the longer Disney has Star Wars, the less Star Wars Star Wars is.

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These two should withdraw from the industry

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Disney has put the Star Wars franchise into a death spiral.

Nah. The Last Jedi was weak, which brought fan backlash to hurt Solo, but The Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker both look great, so I don't think Star Wars is going anywhere in the long run. Disney had some missteps, but they are getting things back on track.

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