'Grand Theft Auto VI' trailer drops, flagging 2025 release


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I don't believe it. This will be the same as the Dragon Age 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 trailers. Just a tease and 5+ years of waiting.

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We certainly hope that GTA VI will reflect a more inclusive attitude toward LGBTQ

Please do not include any of that in the game. We don't need it.

And if you do, please do it in a subtle, normal way and not a "pushing it down your throat" like other organizations these last ten years (JT, Bungie, LGBT groups, etc).

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Modern western games are just going to be designed as woke ideology first. Little hope for this game.

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It's hilarious reading all the quotes by fanboi's on social media absolutely creaming themselves over the trailer, so many believe the trailer is what the game will actually be like.

Apparently though, I won't get to play the game until at least 2026 as I use a PC for all my gaming needs, though I won't buy the game until it is at least half-price so maybe 2028 at the earliest.

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Hype generates revenue!

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