'I Love Rock and Roll' co-writer dies of virus complications


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RIP Alan. Everyone will forever remember your legacy. I've seen Joan Jett in concert three times to date, and your song is a bonafide classic for ALL TIME. It certainly kicked off a storm during the winter of 1982 when I turned 16.

Now you have a new home in Rock'n'roll Heaven. Enjoy your eternal life there and THANK YOU.

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RIP. I'm a music fan but I only found out that the Joan Jett version was a cover when I saw one of those "songs you never knew were covers" videos on YouTube a couple of years ago. Her version is very similar, so the original should have been a hit the first time.

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Below is a little bit more about his time in Japan:

"Merrill, who was born in The Bronx, New York City in 1951, first achieved fame when he moved to Japan in 1968 and joined the band The Lead who were signed to RCA Victor Records at the time. The band, which is thought to be the very first foreign Tokyo-based act, enjoyed huge success with their lead single ‘Akuma ga kureta Aoi Bara’ but it quickly ended after two American members of the band were deported. However, the group offered Merrill a taste of musical success and he continued to work as a musician in the country for five years."

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Great story of this guy and his song in 6 minutes. Seemed a very likable and happy person.


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Great vid there commanteer, thx!

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RIP, baby! I apologise for our leaders. Because of them we will lose many more legions!

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