'I was afraid': Prince Harry, Oprah discuss mental health


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I volunteer on a mental health support programme in a housing scheme in the UK. Everyday I meet people who have severe mental health problems because of poverty, abuse in childhood, drugs, a lack of personal safety, poor housing, social isolation - I could go on. They have almost no access to psychiatric help and are really struggling. I'm not saying Harry doesn't have problems, and he has a right to air them, but if he really wants to be useful, why doesn't he devote his life to helping these people? His personal wealth is vast, in spite of his complaints about being financially cut off by the British tax-payer, and the cash from, say, the sale of his house in Montecito would go a long way here.

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Thank you for your service. It's people like you who deserve to be honoured.

Today on British TV Prince William speaking out about his mother's mental problems.

"BBC's deceit over Diana interview worsened my parents' relationship - William"

The independent inquiry - by retired judge Lord Dyson - found that interviewer Martin Bashir acted in a "deceitful" way and faked documents to obtain his interview.


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Anyone still taking this guy seriously?

Glad he has a decent, and older brother, to take over the crown in the future otherwise I would be the one “afraid” for the future of UK.

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Sid, respect to you and I agree entirely.

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The most cherished significant essential part of my life is my family.

In Japan and UK.

Harry, airing his most private personal grievances in such a public manner to the media, must be heart breaking for his family.

His Father Charles, his Brother William, His Grand Mother, Her Majesty the Queen, especially after the loss of Philip.

Harry is so self obsessed and inward-looking, toe curling, at the same time tragic.

Egocentric to the point of spiteful cruelty to his own family.

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Sid kudos. poverty outside of political cynical pretense, a deliberate ignorance in associating one with the other is indeed shameful.

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