'Immersive' Princess Diana documentary opens Sundance


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I’ve never bought into that whole Princess Diana suffering saint myth. I think Chuck was as much trapped in that marriage as she was, and both of them were privileged children of the aristocracy who don’t really deserve much sympathy, most of the time anyway. But - her death was tragic, and avoidable, literally chased to her death in a Paris tunnel crash by a carload or two of pursuing paparazzi, all for a photograph or two of Diana with her latest rich boyfriend. You’d think that would have taught some people a lesson - but no, the same trashy ethics-free UK/world tabloid garbage still rules, fuelled by an insatiable thirst for sleazy gossip from the same kind of media consumers who all those years ago couldn’t get enough their secular saint of the era, Princess Diana.

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She certainly was no saint, some would say an entitled PITA with an anything warm and walking attitude.

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Couldn’t stand her or the media frenzy when she was alive and I am not so hypocritical as to change my view just because she is dead.

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She died before I was born and i did not read much about her...thru choice. I am not interested in royalty in what ever country. Their time shood have pasted 100yrs ago. They are just an added political class with inherited money who pretend they are better than the citizens who pay for them. Just look at Charles and the perv Andrew of England, both entitled whites, who think they are a cut above every body else.

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