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'Joker' leads Oscar nominations with 11 as women miss out


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The Greta Gerwig snub is truly baffling. At this point it's like they are actively trying to remain sexist when it comes to directors.

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Meh, if the academy wanted it could alter the format for selecting nominees, add categories or increase the nomination pool. But they people would complain about the changes not being traditional. So, anyone want to take bets on what next year's Oscars complaint will be?

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Joaquin Phoenix winning the best actor is a done deal.

Best director and best picture are up on the air though.

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For the love of dog, will the Academy finally give the phenomenal Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar he deserves? He was robbed of it in Walk the Line (he learned to play the guitar and did his own singing! He channeled Johnny Cash.)

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This topic is endlessly grating. There is absolutely no need to equally distribute awards among any demographic. Every year will have a different make up of genders, races, and sexualities. Sometimes it will result in a nice, satisfying mix. Other years it will be weighted in one way or another. Deal with it. It's based on merit only.

That these types of "watchdog" articles and conversations are resurrected every year is horribly annoying.

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I'd day best actor is a shoo-in. I don't really have a problem with that, his portrayal was at times, chilling, sympathetic, horrific and compelling.

It's just that the film itself was rather derivative, but then, aren't most films?

Transpeople and pansexuals also missed out.

Possibly, but given that you tend to indulge in trans-erasure, this makes your comment somewhat insincere.

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The Irishman and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are considered 'best picture' material?

No wonder the industry is in the dumps.

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as women and ethnic minorities were largely shut out once again.

So what, the Joker is a great film and deserves the nominations, so is The Irishman and 1917.

If women and minorities want to be nominated more they should pick the quality of their work and the nominations will follow.

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1917 gonna clean up, it looks amazing

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Agreed, set quotas (black, asian, native aboriginal, transracial, male, female, transgender, under 12s, under 18s, 18-35, 45+, etc) or just have based on quality...preferably from panel made up of average joes who watch these things. Slmetimes I feel the movies selected are the fashion designer catwalks that nobody wears while the stuff people actually wear gets ignored.

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Joaquin Phoenix should, ve won two Oscars already, but finally, this is his year. Joker is an incredible/special movie and completely deserves to be the leader of the nominations, with 11(!). Best Picture and Best Director is debatable, since there,s some strong contenders, but as for Best Actor, i think we all know who deserves it.

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as women and ethnic minorities were largely shut out once again.

as women and ethnic minorities were largely unable to perform well enough to be nominated once again

Fixed it for ya.

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Little Women

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (the second highest rated movie for 2019 on metacritic)

Atlantics (nominated for International Film, but not best film. Parasite seems to be nominated for both)


Queen & Slim

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

The Souvenir

The Farewell

are just some of the very good movies released with female directors released last year.

If my quick count is right, 4 of the top 10 best reviewed movies for 2019 are by female directors.

So I'm not sure it's right to say that they didn't perform well enough.

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Takings per film Worldwide - IMDB.com

Joker - $1 billion Rating 8.6

The Irishman - $961 million Rating 8.1

1917 - $66 million in two weeks Rating 8.7

Little Women - $108 million Rating 8.3

Portrait of a Lady on Fire - $4.2 million in 6 weeks Rating 8.3

Atlantics - $369,000 Rating 6.4

Hustlers - $157 million Rating 6.4

Queen and Slim - $43 million Rating 7

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood - $60 million Rating 7.7

The Souvenir - $1.7 million Rating 6.5

The Farewell - $19 million Rating 7.7

The figures speak for themselves

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Awkwafina won a Golden Globe Best Actress - and she's not even nominated in the Oscars

Asian women are a no-go for the Oscars too

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I have a dream !... that one day movies will be judged on the strength of their performances, and not the color or gender of their creators.

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