'Knives Out' director plots whodunit franchise after 'Star Wars'


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As long as he doesn't plot any more Star Wars movies...

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Terrific film, perfect for a cold winter's evening. More please!

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this is definitely some good news ... Knives Out was a really really good movie, a lot better than i was expecting...

An Agatha Christie homage about a family patriarch murdered in his sprawling mansion, 

looks simple, but it,s not. very complex. after watching it, you gonna realize how great this movie is. highly recommend it!

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Watched it this week-entertaining...

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Knives Out is a fun, well made, film.

I liked it better than 1917 or Parasite. But I didn't think those films were nearly as good as the hype.

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Watched it twice. Just as good the second time when you know what happens. Also a relief to watch something filmed traditionally, without masses of CGI.

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They should have different endings like Clue

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Last Jedi was incredible, Knives Out was superb, Rian Johnson is a brilliant director and writer. I can't wait for more Benoit Blanc stories.

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