'M*A*S*H' star Alan Alda has Parkinson's disease

By Dave Kotinsky

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Always enjoyed MASH in the 70's.

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Final episode was the most watched TV program until one of the Super Bowls edged it out.

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Wasn't he supposed to MOVE somewhere when Trump won the election ?

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Jeremy WoodToday 09:02 am JSTI would not have thought boxing would be a suitable sport if you have a diagnosis of Parkinson's.

I think Parkinson's comes in different forms. Michael J. Fox has shaking hands. Muhammad Ali had a variation where his brain had his wires crossed. When he held the Olympic torch for the 1996 Summer Games, someone had had to lift his arms in order to light the flame. Billy Graham had some form of it. George H W Bush has a type of Parkinson's that has him confined in a wheelchair. He's a quadraleptic now. His hands are fine but he can't walk.

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quercetumToday 08:17 am JSTFinal episode was the most watched TV program until one of the Super Bowls edged it out.

I remember that episode. Capt. Pierce had endured too much 'shell shock'/PTSD. It was very heart-touching. It was the talk of my HS class hallways, just like the Grammys award show that year (1983) which highlighted Men at Work, Marvin Gaye, Toto and Kenny Rogers with Sheena Easton. MASH began the year we all started kindergarten so this was historical* to us.

Alan Alda went on host science programs for PBS and other things but MAS*H is where we all remember him best.

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Trivia: Alda appeared in more MASH episodes than anyone else, but wasn't in all of them.

I did love that show. Some of the episodes have held up well over time, others not as much.

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Also on the MASH topic: did anybody else cry when they saw the episode where Col. Blake gets killed? I think I was about 10 when I saw that and I remember just being absolutely devastated for a couple days after that.

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Alda quote from article:

"I'm no more demented than I was before...”

Which goes a long way in explaining why MAS*H was so popular so long: great writing and delivery.

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He's definitely one of the greatest. I enjoyed him on M.A.S.H. and his movie "Sweet Liberty." Yes, I was shocked when Col. Blake's plane was shot down. His M.A.S.H. character had his serious and comical sides; both great!

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MASH lost it’s comical mojo when Col. Blake & Trapper left the show.

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I did like him in that Woody Allen film Crimes and Misdemeanours.

He didn't appear in AfterMASH or DTrapper John MD, did he? That would have been great.

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Remember the MAS*H finale where Winchester was conducting NK POWs in a convoy truck that was playing Mozart? Forget about ideologies, races, etc. This was the power of Mozart, of music. Rock me Amadeus. As the truck moves away a UN bomb hits the truck, killing his new friends. That look on his face was too iconic of the sadness and insanity of war. And Pierce himself experienced PTSD. War sucks.

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