Nirvana baby album cover lawsuit dismissed


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Case closed!!! Elden's parents were paid $200 for the original shoot.

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I was the baby on the Nirvana album cover!

dude, get a life. quickly.

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She appeared as a baby dressed in diapers on a supermarket leaflet in Shikoku.

That's all well and good, but nowhere near as high-profile as being a Nirvana Baby. Comparison ain't the same.

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Common sense prevails - pretty rare these days

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if my parents agreed to sell my image for such a sad amount, I'd sue too. 

If our daughter took that attitude, we could be in trouble. She appeared as a baby dressed in diapers on a supermarket leaflet in Shikoku. I think we got about ¥10,000 for that, and the supermarket no doubt profited massively by selling at least 10 kilos of negi and 50 kilos of carrots.

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As ridiculous as it seems, if my parents agreed to sell my image for such a sad amount, I'd sue too. Or at least agree to some kind of settlement. Imagine all the kids growing up now, how they've unknowningly forfeited all rights to their baby pics as soon as their parents post them on facebook. Exploitation, money..as if only one side was guilty in all this. But it's okay because Nirvana was a good band and they couldn't possibly have been trying to make a buck themselves..they must've just done it all for the MuSic..

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30 years old and chasing the dollar bill TODAY. The famous album is now available in so many special 30th anniversary editions up the yinyang. And now he has to be such a crybaby and claim he was suffering "extreme and permanent emotional distress" and (his real motive -MONEY) "lifelong loss of income earning capacity.". Didn't this guy a few years ago come to conventions revealing that he was the kid in the photo and make some moolah off of that? He certainly got some attention for that, he got noticed.

And now he 'wah's about it, claiming it's kiddie porn. There's a lot of art paintings and scultures of nude people that are not meant to be pornographic. There are many primitive scultures dating over 10000 years of nude pregnant women that have been found thruout Europe. And let's not forget those 'mother-and-child' paintings where the baby is sometimes nude. Would Jesus Christ sue the Renaissance painters who painted him in these 'Mother Mary - and - Baby Jesus' paintings, some that depict him as nude, with his organ showing?

I think not. I knew this lawsuit wasn't gonna fly. Spencer Elden has some more growing up to do.

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Wow, lawsuits in the US sometimes borrow the vocabulary of North Korea press releases: suffered "extreme and permanent emotional distress," as well as "lifelong loss of income earning capacity."

I think the last paragraph of the article settles this lawsuit: "They held a pool party during which Elden was photographed underwater for the then-unknown band. Elden's parents were paid $200 for the original shoot". The fact that the photo became famous has nothing to do with Elden, but with the artistic vision of the photographer and the quality of the music.

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Sorry, no money here..

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