'Sesame Street' introduces new muppets in videos on race


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I always love Sesame Street and the muppets.

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I learnt Spanish numbers through Sesame Street! At that age, I couldn't understand why they were teaching Spanish, but nonetheless I paid attention!

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Loved that show. Gordon, Maria, Bob, Susan, Luis and the muppets were very reassuring and made learning fun.

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It's always good to teach children about other races/culture/languages ......

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If two boys are in a park at the playground, will they avoid each other because they are of different ethnicities?

Some will, some won't. Most kids won't care, some will be afraid because they won't understand why the other person looks different.

Or will they play together because they have not been taught to be racist by programs “educating” them about white supremacy or white fragility or that they should judge others not by the content of their character but by the amount of pigment in their skin?

Some will, some won't. Unfortunately, many parents pass their own racial biases on to their children. Shows like Sesame Street show that there are other models in life other than our parents.

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In another video due out soon, muppets portraying characters of Hispanic origin will be confronted with "a racist incident in a grocery store," the statement added.

They should leave the Muppets themselves neutral as possible. No race, or ethnic features. I recall a comment a number of years ago indicating that is what the original intention was. As there were no defining racial or ethnic charactistics in any of them, kids of all ages and ethnicities could identifiy with any character.

Just leave the supporting human cast to portray these traits.

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Kind of wished they'ed just introduce a human father/son duo that has trouble adjusting to sesame street because of their background from another neighborhood. Even better, a bigoted muppet that doesn't deal with humans or children and over time comes to integrate more.

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Anyone who work under any companies are these characters, the sesame muppets.

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Oh, it's good to know that Sesame Street has gotten on the good 'ol PC bandwagon.

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Coming soon : LGBTQ and non-binary puppets on Sesame Street.

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SesameStreetSoBlue lol

What next: a screen-time quota for purple-colored monsters, or a "Muppet Of Color" award for just being green furred? A moment of silence for "Pink Puppets Matter"?

lol. Oh, it's coming..."not based on the content of their character, but based on..."

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