"Stranger Things" season three has been watched on Netflix "more than any other film or series in its first four days" Photo: AFP/File

'Stranger Things' breaks Netflix viewing records

By Martin BUREAU

Retro sci-fi series "Stranger Things" has broken Netflix viewing records with the global launch of its third season, the streaming giant said in a rare tweet publishing viewing data.

The nostalgic 1980s show about a gang of suburban adolescents battling supernatural monsters had been watched by 40.7 million accounts since last Thursday, it said.

That figure for season three was "more than any other film or series in its first four days," the company said. "And 18.2 million have already finished the entire season."

Netflix is the market leader in global television and film streaming, with over 140 million paying accounts worldwide.

It occasionally publishes viewing figures for certain shows, but closely guards the vast majority of its data.

The platform is under increasing pressure from a cluster of deep-pocketed rivals including Amazon, Disney and Apple.

Comcast's NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia's HBO Max are also set to launch, depriving Netflix of popular shows "The Office" and "Friends" respectively.

By comparison, Netflix in December said over 45 million accounts had streamed the Sandra Bullock film "Bird Box" a week after its launch.

With no independent verification or details on the criteria for measuring a full "viewing" available, some analysts expressed skepticism over the statistic.

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It was a good ride.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I haven't seen it yet. Saving it for the long weekend - if the weather is bad. I might re-binge season 2 first.

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Just binge watched it. It was OK, but I think the idea of Russians building a huge underground complex under a suburban American shopping mall might come to be viewed as the series' "Jumping the shark" moment. Basically my interest in the characters is now what keeps me watching, not the plot itself.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Season 3 was okay, not great.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

I enjoyed it, but I agree Season 3 was not as good as its previous seasons. There was too much emphasis on the Russia angle, and obviously that's going to continue into season 4, if you caught the teaser at the end of the credits. LOVE the attention to the retro detail in the show on the whole. Music is easy, as are hairstyles, but things like the seatbelt buckles, take-out Burger King bags and the like, that takes a lot of careful planning. I've worked in film before and the fact that you can almost never spot a consistency error or anachronism is amazing.


I bet the American the Russians refer to in the Kamchatka holding facility is Hopper.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Enjoyed season 3 but something doesn't fit...nice weekend watch though.

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Spoiler Alert!

I bet the American the Russians refer to in the Kamchatka holding facility is Hopper.

Speculation seems to be either him or Matthew Modine ‘s character from season 1. I hope it is Hopper, he is one of the best characters on the show.

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Spoiler alert continued!

Speculation seems to be either him or Matthew Modine ‘s character from season 1. I hope it is Hopper, he is one of the best characters on the show.

While I think Hopper is still alive, since we didn't see him heroically burn up in the explosion, I think it makes a lot more sense that the American in the cell is Brennan (Modine). He had to disappear after season 1, so I figure he ran to Russia thinking he could turn over his knowledge of the project in Hawkins and become a VIP to the Russian government, only to have them take what he knows and throw him in a deep, dark secret prison. It would explain how suddenly the Russians knew all about the upside-down and Hawkins.

I think Hopper looked at the dimensional tear and figured what the hell, people have survived it before, him included, and he leapt through. He's hiding out in the upside down's version of the secret Russian bunker. Maybe Eleven finds out and this motivates her to get her powers back to rescue him.

While the whole secret Russian bunker under the mall was a bit over the top, it was totally something that could have been in an 80's movie like this. I still thought it was a great season.

2 ( +2 / -0 )


Barb. The American is totally Barb.

btw Kamchatka is a Risk™ callback...?

1 ( +1 / -0 )

@Black Sabbath


Barb. The American is totally Barb.

LOL! That literally made me lol. Nice one.

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SPOILER ALERT! (continued)

I think this is my favorite season so far.

Yes, the huge bunker full of soviets (in full uniform) under an Indiana mall, struck me as ridiculous, but then I thought, yeah, that is so 80s, and I laugh and roll with it.

I re-watched season 2 in advance, and my favorite characters there were Steve and especially Steve+Dustin (Dustin having been the season 1 stand-out) and Lucas's sister, when she was getting shirty with Dustin over the radio. "Code Shut Your Mouth". Steve and Robin's uniforms in the Child Endangerment thread made every seen a joy. I kept thinking Robin looked so familiar and thought it was an uncanny resemblance to Dana Plato of Different Strokes and Facts of Life. Eventually I looked up who the actress is, and was even more surprised.

Barb in Kamchatka. I love that.

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