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'The Young and the Restless' celebrates 50 years of drama


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This show was staple midday viewing when you were "sick" and had to stay home from school.

The over the top acting was so bad it was good.

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It was a great show.

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I watched this show in the late 80s to mid 90s. It was a great show! Watching it now whilst watchable it is far far away from the level of entertainment it had back then. A lot of things are not as good nowadays compared to 30 years ago. Music in particular.

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In fifty years I have never watched a single, solitary episode.

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I remember well the day it started. My mother loved this soap opera and I hated soap operas. We only had one TV so I if I was at home, I had to wait until General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live and this one ended before I could turn the dial. Turn the dial!

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Before moving here, I lived for this show embarrassingly I might add. Now, I wonder what the heck did I ever see in this show and cannot even watch a second of it all mighty boring.

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