'Twilight Zone' series gets third reboot by top U.S. comedian


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The original series was the best. Originals always tend to be.

Hope they make really good ones this time around.

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Fantastic. The original Twilight Zone was ground-breaking, Black Mirror is brilliant and Get Out was one of the best movies I saw this year. Looks like a winner!

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I grew up with the Twilight Zone reruns and loved the 80s reboot. I'd sneak out of bed to watch the 80s version because it was on late night. Man, I look forward to this.

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Mr. Peele's work has continued to surprise, impress, entertain, educate, and inspire me.

I wish him every success.

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I must be one of the few who actually liked the movie version back in the mid-80s. Still, this looks promising.

And I had no idea Buster Keaton appeared in the original series. Must check that out!

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Hope CBS televise it in Australia since they now own Channel 10 and there are rumours they will launch All Access here as well.

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The original Twilight Zone is the GOAT. It will never be equaled.

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