'Wakanda Forever' is No. 1 at North American box office for 4th straight weekend


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Hollyweed / Netflix garbage, no thanks..

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Hollyweed / Netflix garbage, no thanks..

You always post the same thing on these entertainment articles. Are you not entertained? (Why not talk about what you'd prefer instead of Hollyweed garbage?)

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And “Wakana Forever” is still in a financial hole? How is that possible?

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Hollyweed / Netflix garbage, no thanks.

I can only respect that comment if you just watch Polish arthouse movies.

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Violent Night looks like a lot of fun. However, it isn't coming out in Japan until next year (a Christmas film being released in February).

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One of the best movies I've seen in awhile since the original Black Panther. Most movies these days are full of cheesy one-liners, over-the-top acting with mediocre actors/actresses and doesn't stimulate the mind or soul and really doesn't have anything of substance to them anymore. Black Panther is all about love and compassion for people of different races, cultures and economic levels. People actually cried during and after the movie and you could tell they were emotionally affected by the stories. You can't really lose when love and respect are two of the main objectives in your movie. This movie was well directed and the music was awesome. I'd choose these two movies over all other MARVEL movies anytime.

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I'm rather looking forward to "Cocaine Bear".

This appears to be an actual movie coming out. The premise is, there is a bear, it consumes what appears to be a large amount of cocaine, mayhem insues.

At first I thought is was a parody, but it seems that someone thought this was a good idea. I want to see just how right or wrong they were.

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I'm rather looking forward to "Cocaine Bear".

I thought this was going to be a curiosity when I first heard about it. According to its Wiki page though, it's a real film with some known talent behind it (one of Ray Liotta's final appearances) and inspired by a true story to boot. Not sure if it will get a Japanese release though (probably a limited one if it does).

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