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Rolling Stones relaunch U.S. tour


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zichiJuly 23  09:07 am JST

How long can they keep going? Still a show worth seeing.

Certainly. I first saw theim in 1997 and Mick is a dynamic frontman. When I saw them again in 2015 the years have been creeping up even on that 'Peter Pan'. Nonetheless they are legendary and they can still put out an excellent show. Their influence is far reaching and they are essential to rock'n'roll. If you haven't seen them live, I highly recommend it. And their glory days aren't past, either. Their tours still outsell the others every year.

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> Charlie Watts has never been into drugs or alcohol

He was deep into heroin in the late 70’s.

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Charlie Watts was a huge user of booze, amphetamines and heroin. I can remember watching a tv interview with the Stones and Charlie was totally incoherent and drugged up, much to the amusement of his bandmates. He managed to give it all up, fortunately. For me, he's still the coolest member of the group.

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They're still alive?! And mobile? I guess the druggie life wasn't as bad as we were led to believe...but I would guess that "I can't get...no...satisfaction" has significantly more meaning for them now...

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They don't know when to quit. Or Jagger, addicted to the adrenaline of public performances, can't remove his rock 'n' roll red shoes? No doubt he'd be happy to expire on stage, but I wouldn't want to buy a ticket to see that show. I'm glad I saw them in their glory days and still listen to Mick Taylor and the Stones so the best of British to the lads who look likely to keep on rocking till they drop.

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Thanks Rolling Stones!!!!

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