'Sesame Street' tackles addiction crisis


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Easy to be cynical, but if it helps a kid, why not?

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I saw lots of online outrage over this puppet, but more outrageous is how many kids are stuck in positions to be comforted by this.

Heroin is beyond out of control here where I live, in New England.

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Why not just accept opioid users as they are instead of trying to change them? Society always tries to persecute and then treat as mental illness, before finally accepting that people are different.

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I can imagine a Muppet from the 80s:

Kid: "my mom says she likes other women."

Muppet: "mine too. Maybe they can make friends in a mental hospital and doctors can make them straight."

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I remember as a kid in the 80’s, Elmo just having a hard time making friends and fitting in and learning how to deal with it... I applaud the creators but at the same time it’s kind of sad they would even need to address this particular issue. But the times have changed for better and for worse.

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Next, Elmo will be taking Methadone and showing how to administer it.

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What an amazing show, after all these years. Nothing but admiration for the people working there to entertain and educate.

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As the mass media (even 'public media' is also ultimately corporate-owned ... this article does not even hide the fact that we are not talking about illegal drugs here.

'Substance use disorder' is a cleverly crafted euphemism for the fact that the current opioid crisis is the work of the pharmaceutical industry at its legal, though unethical, neo-liberal best.

A handful of people have gotten very rich by creating this crisis. It only takes a quick YouTube search to find out who.

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That puppets take drugs in real life.. loooooooool !!!

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