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'Wizard of Oz' remake planned


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My fave hommage to Oz, is the bizarre David Lynch movie Wild at Heart. It's not peak Cage, of course, but it's the best of the early 90s contenders.

And then of course, there's the HBO classic, Oz. Which really isn't suitable for the easily upset. Although it's more of a nightmare than a dream and has nothing to do with that magical land in the clouds...

Does have a great musical episode in the last season, if I recall correctly.

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I remember back in the 1980s they tried reimagining the movie ‘Casablanca’ as a weekly tv series starring one of the actors for. Starsky & Hutch. It lasted a few episodes. I predict this will be on that level of a mistake.

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Fargo Season 4 episode 9 East/West was a nice homage to Wizard of Oz, with Satchel Cannon/Mike Milligan replacing Dorothy. Even had a tornado amidst the Kansas prairies.

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My point about this article: write your own stuff and get that produced. Stop usurping what the fans loved about the originals in any genre.

@ToastedHeretic: Spot on! about AMoore; Agreed about Snyder.

My point about “Watchmen’: Snyder, at least, tried to stay faithful(adequate) within the 2+ hours he was allowed by the studios. Yes, ...it would have done better as ‘a ‘cable service’ (HBO, Showtime, etc al) series’, because streaming wasn’t available then.

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Are we off to see the wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of CG?


He admits to messing up theStarTrek:’Wrath of Khan’ story ‘reimagining’ it in ‘IntoDarkness’. 

That’s the director? OH gawd! Runaway! One of the most miserable movie experiences ever.

invalid CSRF

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The Watchmen* book (and movie) was a ‘stand-alone’ and, didn’t need a sequel.

That's what grumpy Alan Moore would say. He's notoriously against any tampering with his precious creations. Although, I'd tend to agree with fans of the original comic series that the Snyder effort was adequate, at best.

The comic prequel anthology, Before Watchmen was a mixed bag, as well. And Moore must have gone supernova when the DC universe and the Watchmen one were intertwined in the recent Doomsday Clock comic book sequel.

Can't wait to see the award-winning series, and if it gets Alan's beard in a bustle; even better. Have been a fan of Moore and his contemporaries since they first started out in the genre but some of them take themselves too seriously.

Can't wait for A Wizard of Ozymandias crossover, if ever mooted...

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This same ‘hack’, Kassel, along with writer (?) Damien Lindelof, destroyed the ‘Watchmen’ mythos and, the “‘Alien’ mythos with “Prometheus’.

To His credit, ‘The Leftovers’ was decent but floundered in the third season. He admits to messing up the StarTrek:’Wrath of Khan’ story ‘reimagining’ it in ‘IntoDarkness’. The Watchmen book (and movie) was a ‘stand-alone’ and, didn’t need a sequel.

StarTrek with Discovery/Picard were ruined by AlexKurtzman, GameOfThrones by Dumb&Dumber; and, StarWars sequels by JJBinks & RuinJohnson.

Can’t they just learn?

Write your own, original stories and leave other storytellers’ IP alone. If not, you’re a bunch a ‘hacks’ with no creativity.

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Ease on down, ease on down the road.

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If she gets it right, the cash will flow.

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I did enjoy the Wiz, although I thought Stephanie Mills should have got the part in the on-screen version.

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Remaking the Wizard of Oz is pure blasphemy.

Meh. The 1939 version, itself, is a remake. One which I love, but there's always room for different visions.

It's what cinema has always done.

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Remaking the Wizard of Oz is pure blasphemy.

Just say no!

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